Turkey Hunting in Kryptek

Turkey Hunting in Kryptek

Story and photos by: Debbie Short

I grew up in the low country of South Carolina, running through the woods, hunting, and fishing with my parents and dogs. 

When I graduated from Clemson and started working full time, I was able to explore the world and hunt in places outside of SC.

Because I grew up in SC, I’d only used and worn the camouflage and equipment found locally in stores such as Wal-Mart, Bass Pro, Academy Sports, etc. Kryptek was nowhere to be found, until I started working in the hunting industry in 2012 and met my friend, Jana Waller. She hunted all over the U.S. and always seemed warm, cool, and comfortable in the woods, whether she was in Alaska, Montana, or Florida. I wanted that. I wanted to wear Camo that not only fit my body, but also was comfortable, warm or cool depending upon the weather, and would be durable whether I was hunting in Texas, SC, or up north. But, even when I switched to Kryptek, and wore Kryptek Highlander on all of my successful or unsuccessful hunts out west, down south and up north for Mountain Lions, Deer, Predators, Hogs and Turkeys, I would still hear, "you can’t turkey hunt in Kryptek! There’s not enough green. It won’t work."

Why Blending In Is Important 

What does that even mean y’all? Turkeys can see in color, and they have 180 degrees of peripheral vision. This means that with just a slight twitch of their head, they can see 360 degrees. So, movement is key in successfully hunting turkeys, whether you’re in traditional Camo brands or Kryptek. While patterns do play a big part, my Great Grandpa was an amazing hunter in just jeans and a dark jacket because he remained still and blended in with his surroundings. Usually, turkey hunters are hunting in blinds, especially if they are bow hunting for turkeys, if they are filming or if they are with new hunters on their first hunt to reduce movement. Thus, what you’re wearing isn’t really as big of a factor as it is if you’re hunting outside of a blind. I love hunting for turkeys outside of a blind because I can see and hear farther. It connects me to nature more deeply. Thus, reduced movement and camo pattern are essential to me and most of your die hard turkey hunters!

I say all of this to reiterate a point, you can wear Kryptek when you’re turkey hunting! I do because it’s amazing both in quality and comfort, and it wears extremely well in all terrain. Plus, in Kryptek Highlander, I blend in with my surroundings from Wyoming to Florida if I focus on what hunting is about: being quiet, being still and blending in with your surroundings. Kryptek's Highlander pattern is based upon a mixture of different shades of browns, tans and some green, not a lot, but just enough to make you undetectable in the palms of FL, the west TX brush and cacti, or the pines and hardwoods of the Carolinas. I think the reason I hear "you can't wear Kryptek while turkey hunting," all the time is because of tradition; many want to wear what Daddy and Grandpa wore, etc.

It’s 2022, and while I’m one of the most old-fashioned gals you’ll find, if there’s equipment out there that will make me a better, a more successful and a more comfortable hunter than 20 years ago, I’m for it! That’s Kryptek! Kryptek is veteran owned and veteran operated. They’re based in Idaho, and they take pride in making products suited not only on the battlefield, but in the backcountry. In fact, it’s their motto, from the Battlefield to the Backcountry. While they were founded by Veterans and western hunters, I assure you their Camo patterns are perfect for not only ungulates, but predators, fishing, and yes, even Turkeys!

All of these Gobblers were killed by me, in Kryptek, outside of a blind, where stillness and camouflage are key. These are just a few of the Turkeys who’ve fallen by Kryptek means.

Gear Guide

So, I hope you are encouraged to try Kryptek Highlander, one of my favorite patterns. If you’re a lady hunter, try their Women’s line of Camo. I also wear their men’s line in XS, interchanging the two depending upon the weather. 



I assure you, whether you’re a man or a lady, you won’t be disappointed in the success, the comfort and the camouflage you’ll achieve with Kryptek. Hopefully, you’ve now learned, “Yes, you can Turkey Hunt successfully in Kryptek.” Happy Hunting Y’all!

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