Tactical Solutions Adds Three Kryptek Patterned Rifles

Tactical Solutions Adds Three Kryptek Patterned Rifles

Kryptek is excited to partner with fellow Idaho-based company, Tactical Solutions, to add three Kryptek Camo patterns to TacSol’s series of .22 rifles.

Kryptek Highlander and Raid are now available in TacSol’s popular X-Ring and X-Ring Takedown rifles and Kryptek’s newest camouflage pattern, Obskura Nox, is available in TacSol’s Owyhee Takedown rifle.

Tactical Solutions prides itself on manufacturing rifles designed with the highest level of quality engineering and craftsmanship. Both the X-Ring and X-Ring Takedown rifles are lightweight and highly accurate rifles, built with a barrel that dramatically increases accuracy, performance and reliability over other manufacturers. The X-Ring Takedown and Owyhee Takedown rifles come standard with features and benefits far above any other takedown .22 rifles, ensuring them as some of the highest quality and most accurate collapsible rifles available. Tactical Solutions’ Owyhee Takedown rifle is the only takedown bolt action .22 rifle available on the market.

“Kryptek is the perfect addition to our already colorful and diverse product line,” said Keith Feeley, TacSol Director of Brand. “With Kryptek’s popularity, this was an easy decision.”

TacSol's X-Ring, Owyhee Takedown, and X-Ring Takedown Rifles in Kryptek Camo.

For interest in licensing Kryptek patterns, please contact Jeff Graham jeff@kryptek.com.

About Tactical Solutions: For 18 years, Tactical Solutions has been the Rimfire Market leader in quality, dependability, and innovation. Established in 2002 in Boise, Idaho, TacSol is a pioneer in the innovation of lightweight and accurate firearms and firearm accessories. In addition to complete firearms and barrels, their line of products includes suppressors, accessories, and realistic feel caliber conversions. All TacSol’s products are manufactured in the USA and held to the highest quality standards in the Industry.

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