The Best Rain Gear on the Planet - Kryptek's Takur Collection

The Best Rain Gear on the Planet - Kryptek's Takur Collection

If you're looking for the best rain gear on the planet, look no further than Kryptek's Takur Collection. 

A staple of Kryptek's best-selling, award-winning Altitude collection, the Takur rain gear set is some of the most feature rich, sophisticated and high performing rain gear on the market. Constructed with Schoeller®’s revolutionary C-Change fabric, Takur is 100% waterproof, triple-ply, 19,500mm H20 rated, meaning Takur is the maximum of waterproof, breathable rain gear. C-Change fabric actively expands or contracts based on your activity levels. During periods of high activity, the fabric expands to let extra heat out and during periods of low or zero movement, the fabric contracts to keep heat in. Rain gear can be infamous for being hot and heavy, trapping in excess moisture and leaving you damp on the inside. With Takur, not only will water stay out, but you'll be comfortable and dry on the inside too - no matter the conditions or your activity level.  

Takur Jacket

The Takur Jacket is jam packed with features including fully waterproof YKK reverse-coil zippers, a 3-point adjustable copper-wire hood that easily bends around your face, cap or beanie, adjustable waistbands and cuffs, plus plentiful storage pockets to keep all your gear safe and dry. The Altitude collection is known for its epic design, and Takur is no exception. Seams are carefully placed to maximize your frame of motion, ensuring you'll stay comfortable as the C-Change fabric works to keep your body temperature regulated. 

What Our Customers Are Saying 

"I became a believer of the Kryptek brand a few years ago when I realized the research involved and superior products. I bought this jacket as my packable rain top so that I could use it in harsh Alaskan weather. I hunt year round and this jacket performs better than I imagined. It really is waterproof 100percent and I swear I cant tear it if I tried. Best Rain gear you can purchase anywhere. I'm really impressed by the new altitude line. I highly recommend this jacket for staying dry and warm to break the wind and retain body heat. The pattern is so versatile as well I use it in the dense forest and up high for sheep and caribou hunting."

Takur Pant

Just as high-performing as the jacket, the Takur Pants provide exceptional durability, breathability and waterproof capabilities. A custom belted waistline and snap ankle cuffs allow you to cinch the pants perfectly over your layers to keep wind and moisture out. Full-length waterproof YKK zippers make the pants easy to put on and take off while simultaneously providing an outlet to dump extra heat. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I bought these pants to battle the Alaska weather and dense underbrush. I have been extremely impressed by the quality of these pants. I love how light weight they are for packing when weight matters without compromising quality. Even when its not raining in Alaska everything is always wet. When you really need a pair of rain pants that handle the abuse of trudging through the dense underbrush. I recommend these because I feel as if I don't even need my gators because these pants do a phenomenal job of withstanding the elements and constant brush dragging against them."

"I used these pants on a bear hunt in central Idaho this year. Least importantly, I felt the pattern fit in really well at high altitude. More importantly, precipitation did not stop for 3 straight days. I was in an 18 hour, 10” blizzard that forced me to lower country where it drizzled / rained for 2 straight days. I never took these pants off and I completely expected them to eventually soak through. The opposite was true. After 3 days of cold precipitation, the dalibor pants I wore underneath were still bone dry."

When to Use Takur

The Altitude Collection and pattern are designed to effectively conceal above the tree line where cover is sparse or in heavily wooded forests. Take Takur with you on backcountry adventures where high-performing, reliable, durable gear is of the utmost importance. Specifically, if you plan to stay active while also needing to be dry and comfortable, Takur is your answer as this collection is specifically designed to breathe and move as you do without sacrificing features and waterproof capabilities. 

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