Quadriplegic Hunter Smokes Buck on Public Land

Quadriplegic Hunter Smokes Buck on Public Land


Do·ing /ˈdo͞oiNG/


1. : the act of performing or executing.

Doing. A simple concept many of us take for granted. 

It is when thought becomes action. Some tasks are easy to do, others difficult. Difficulty varies given an individual's talents and abilities. 

Meet Rick. He has ability. Some say disabled - he says abled. Rick does a lot. He is a rockstar wheelchair rugby athlete, a dad to twin boys, coaches little league baseball, a motivational speaker, races his bike and is also an adult onset hunter. He does all of this after becoming paralyzed twelve years ago in a construction accident. He is now quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Despite this, Rick is a doer of many great things.

Rick with his Utah Mule Deer.

As stated, Rick only recently took up hunting. He has harvested elk, mule deer, pronghorn, moose, turkey and pheasant. During his latest mule deer hunt in Southern Utah, the hunt had as much to do with Rick’s friends and family as it did hunting. Rick has had many mentors along the way but is also a mentor to many others.

Help from family and friends.

Watch below to see a group of DOERS work together with NO EXCUSES for a successful hunt.



This hunt took place in the earlier part of October. Mid-season hunts like this are hard to plan for climatically. It can be 75+ degrees one day and below freezing the next. One of the most versatile mid-season camo systems is the Kryptek DALIBOR COLLECTION. Dalibor has also been re-vamped for 2021 and is better than ever.

If you are uncertain on what pieces of Kryptek to start with, this is it. The Dalibor collection is as versatile as it gets. DWR treated with a soft tricot-fleece lining, Dalibor is built for early to mid-season hunts and designed to be layered according to your environment and exertion levels. Featuring a newly redesigned pocket and ventilation system, Dalibor is now available in Obskura Transitional, Highlander, Mandrake and Solids.

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