PSE Bows Adds Two Flagship Models in Kryptek Altitude

PSE Bows Adds Two Flagship Models in Kryptek Altitude

Kryptek Altitude is the latest addition to PSE Archery’s lineup of bow finishes.

PSE Archery's EVO EVL (left) and Xpedite NXT (right) models pictured in Kryptek Camo.

The Altitude collection is Kryptek’s premier camouflage pattern. Although designed with the alpine environment in mind, the Altitude pattern effectively breaks-up and conceals in deciduous forest regions from North America to the Mopane Forest in Africa.

Kryptek is proud to announce the Altitude pattern as the newest finish available for PSE’s EVO® EVL and Xpedite® NXT models.

Brand new for 2021, the EVO® EVL is the most stable, dead-in-hand and tunable hunting bow ever engineered by PSE Archery. Designed with PSE’s widest limb stance ever, along with their industry-leading Evolve Cam featuring our patent-pending Precision Buss Tuning System, the EVO EVL can be custom-tuned to unmatched precision. It also delivers an unrivaled shooting experience at up to 345 feet per second. PSE’s patented multiple sight locations allow for additional customization, and the new QAD Integrate rest mount, and PSE Quick Disconnect barrel mounts, allow for integrated and seamless connection of accessories.

The ultimate balance of power and comfort, the Xpedite® NXT from PSE features shooting speeds up to 360 fps, a steadier hold, reduced vibration and increased accuracy thanks to the newly-designed longer riser with increased brace height and a lower stabilizer mount location.

Additionally, PSE’s ComfortGrip System gives you the option of holding the traditional riser grip technology for lower torque or swapping to a molded grip overlay for maximum comfort.

For interest in licensing Kryptek patterns, please contact Jeff Graham

About PSE Archery: We’ve never forgotten the passion of archery that inspired our founder, Pete Shepley, and that continues to inspire us every day. It’s this passion that makes PSE an industry leader, holding over twenty patents for bow design and archery products. PSE was one of the first companies to machine bow risers and accessories from solid aluminum, and we pioneered the four-stage forging process to create strong, lightweight bows. PSE’s great commitment to the incomparable sport of archery that keeps us making great products for you, and keeps us innovating not just for PSE, but for the entire archery industry. As Pete Shepley himself once said, “Research and development are the most expensive stages in manufacturing, but we’re committed to it and to making the whole industry grow, not just our slice of the pie.”

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