Pheasant Hunting with Kryptek's Ladies Legion

Pheasant Hunting with Kryptek's Ladies Legion

Most girls' weekends don't include shotguns. 

Yet last November, a few of Kryptek's leading ladies gathered to foster friendships in the field while chasing birds - although the dogs arguably did much of the chasing. 

"This pheasant hunt was about fostering relationships while doing something meaningful and fun in the outdoors, even giving some an opportunity to try something new. Most rewarding was the camaraderie surrounding the hunt - cheering each other on when a great shot was made, gathering up the harvest and enjoying time at the lodge around the camp fire and the dinner table. It sure wasn't your typical ladies weekend, but it's these kind of weekends in the field I prefer," said Nikki Whiting, wife of Kryptek Co-founder and CEO Butch Whiting.

Watch the fun unfold below. 

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