Open Country Part 2

Open Country Part 2

In our opinion, there is no better way to start preparation for upcoming hunts than by reliving the excitement of last year’s hunts. It gets the blood boiling.

In Part 2 of our Open Country series, join Kryptek Founder and CEO Butch Whiting and the guys from Huntin Fool as they chase elk with their bows in Eastern Idaho. Butch returns to his childhood hunting ground where he killed his first bull elk with his grandfather over 30 years ago. The elk density was high, and the team was constantly surrounded by elk. You would think that with so many elk, it would be easier to kill a good bull. That just was not the case. There were so many eyes, ears, and noses surrounding the herd bulls, it took good camo, a favorable wind, and a bit of luck to close the distance. This video captures extreme rut activity and high action bow hunting.

Our guess is that you will be fired up for the coming bow season after watching this video.

Watch the full video below.

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