Open Country Part 1

Open Country Part 1

September is here!

For us at Kryptek that means bow hunting Rocky Mountain Elk. In our opinion, there is no better way to start preparation for coming season than by reliving the excitement of last year’s hunts. It gets the blood boiling.

In Part 1 of this series, join Kryptek’s Vice President of Operations, Justin Sparks and the guys from Hunting Fool as they chase Elk with their bows in Eastern Idaho. Justin grew up bow hunting some of these areas with his father Bernard who recently passed away. There is no doubt Bernard’s spirit was right there with Justin though all the close encounters and screaming bulls last fall. This hunt video captures extreme rut action in an area with high elk density. Exciting is an understatement. Big bulls, bows, and blood trails are the name of the game.

Justin wrote, “Pursuing Elk during Archery season is definitely a welcomed challenge filled with lots of ups, downs, frustration and excitement. It's an addiction that feeds my soul!”

Watch the full video below.

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