The First Test - Robert Hanneman Reviews Kryptek's New Obskura Lineup

The First Test - Robert Hanneman Reviews Kryptek's New Obskura Lineup

As a part of the Huntin’ Fool team, I frequently get the chance to test and review new products. As a longtime friend of Kryptek, I was among the lucky few to test out the new Obskura Transitional Collection. I’ve been very pleased with my Kryptek Highlander and Altitude sets, but when Kryptek first debuted the new Obskura patterns in late 2019, to say I was excited to test out the new products is an understatement.

Specifically, I was able to test the Valhalla 1/2 Zip and the Valhalla Pants in Obskura Transitional. For those who may be unfamiliar with Obskura, the new pattern comes in three colors. Transitional is a mix of greens, browns and tans somewhat comparable to a mix of Kryptek Highlander and Mandrake.

The hunt was late-September in eastern Idaho. If you’ve ever been to Idaho, you know the terrain changes as quickly as the weather and this hunt was no different. We covered ground that ranged from fall-colored aspens in low hills to miles of sagebrush all the way up into thick pine. The Obskura pattern worked very effectively throughout each of those environments.

The pattern itself is not only effective, but striking. Kryptek’s original, unmistakable camo pattern blends with a new tiger stripe pattern technology that causes a breakup of the user’s outline in the field, making visual detection increasingly difficult. In fact, my wife said the only way she could make me out on the hillside was by my Huntin’ Fool hat.

Chasing Elk in September during archery season is exactly that, chasing. This hunt was extremely active and physically demanding as we moved miles each day to keep up with the herds. Idaho was unseasonably warm this year so temperatures ranged from cool mornings to mid-70s in the afternoons and evenings. Both Obskura pieces in the Valhalla collection breathed extremely well and dried fast if the Elk and the warm afternoons got the better of me.

I was very impressed with the Obskura pieces I tested, and the Valhalla pants are seriously some of the best I’ve tried from Kryptek. The simple, yet effective pocket design allowed me quick and easy access to stored items. The articulated fit and athletic cut of the pants provided exceptional comfort throughout the long, warm days. Plus, these things are durable. We covered serious ground, sometimes through thick brush, and I never once had to stop to adjust my pants due to snags, tears or poor fit. In fact, the opposite was true. I was able to hunt all day, move through brush and creek crossings, and ultimately help harvest two gorgeous bulls without ever having to stop to adjust my clothing. It moved with me all day and performed exactly as I needed it to.

Despite the ever-changing terrain and the physical demands of early-fall Elk hunting, I remained comfortable, cool and concealed. It’s hard to find gear that fits true to size, performs throughout multiple environments and a wide range of terrain while keeping you comfortable and protected from the elements for days on end. Kryptek’s Obskura pieces did all three.  

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