Obskura - Developing a New Camouflage Pattern

Obskura - Developing a New Camouflage Pattern

What started as a simple photograph turned into the starting point for Kryptek's newest family of camouflage patterns: Obskura.

Presented to Kryptek by a foreign military unit in need of new uniforms, the photograph portrayed a tactical team dressed in Kryptek Highlander standing underneath camouflage netting. The netting, the original inspiration behind Kryptek's existing camouflage patterns, cast a shadow on the team, creating thick lines and blurring the pattern on the uniform. 

Obskura turned the shadows cast on the uniforms into a new macro pattern design based on the extensively proven Tiger Stripe Camo. Tiger Stripe is a proven winner in military tests focused specifically on effectiveness and improves concealment at long distances, specifically when opponents are armed with enhanced visual acquisition devices. Just as the netting cast a shadow on the Highlander uniforms, the Tiger Stripe macro pattern was overlaid a top Kryptek's original micro patterns, and Obskura was born. 

Watch and learn more from Kryptek Co-founder and CEO Butch Whiting about the process behind developing Kryptek Obskura.

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