The Ultimate Lightweight Rain Gear - The Jupiter Collection

The Ultimate Lightweight Rain Gear - The Jupiter Collection

The Jupiter Collection is Kryptek's lightest rain gear set, perfect for highly active and fast pursuits. 

2.5 layers of 100% waterproof and fully seam-taped laminate make up the Jupiter jacket and pant. With a 10,000/10,000 waterproof and breathability rating, the Jupiter collection is treated with Kryptek Defender, designed to repel not just water, but wind, snow and dirt from the fabric's surface. Available in two brand new Kryptek patterns: Obskura Nox and Obskura Transitional, as well as Kryptek legacy color ways Highlander, Typhon and Neptune, the Jupiter collection is versatile enough to offer concealment on any outdoor adventure whether hunting in the backcountry or fishing on the water. 

Jupiter Jacket

The Jupiter Jacket features a three-point adjustable hood, adjustable waistband and adjustable velcro cuffs that allow you to secure and tighten the jacket to keep wind and moisture out. Utilize the jacket's pit zips to dump extra heat or stuff the jacket into its pocket for easy, packable storage.  

The Jupiter Jacket in Obskura Nox

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I was on a hellaciously wet blacktail hunt in the OR Coast Range in mid October and this thing was an absolute life saver. It's one of my favorite pieces in my Kryptek arsenal and will always stay compactly rolled up in my backpack. The pit zips are clutch on nasty climbs where I needed to stay dry but also vent heat." 

Jupiter Pants

Simple yet effective, the Jupiter Pants are also extremely lightweight, versatile and packable. With a streamlined elastic hem, the pants fit nicely and easily over the top of under-layers.  

The Jupiter Set, pictured here in Neptune

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This Jupiter set is a nice lightweight option for rain gear. Perfect to throw into your pack 'just in case'. Not as durable as the Koldo set but perfect for light drizzle days or to keep in your pack. Also serves well as another layer if you get cold in the mountains for very little extra weight in your pack."

When to Use It

The Jupiter Collection is perfect for warmer, wet days out on the water or spring to early fall hunts when you plan to be active but still need to be dry. Jupiter is highly packable, making it the perfect rain gear to keep in your pack just in case. Jupiter is perfect for waterfowl hunts where staying dry as you wade through damp brush is a must, or, leave the Jupiter set by your door as a quick grab-and-go option for rainy days in town. 

The Jupiter Collection, pictured here in Typhon
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