Kryptek Skyfall takes Southern Hunting Camo Effectiveness to the Next Level

Kryptek Skyfall takes Southern Hunting Camo Effectiveness to the Next Level

I never thought I would literally swoon over a Camo pattern but Kryptek's new Obskura Skyfall has truly knocked me off my feet. 

It immediately makes me feel like I am back home sitting in a deer stand on the lease property in Dublin, Georgia while surrounded by amazing friends that welcomed a newbie to hunting.

I was born and raised in Georgia where most people would say their favorite color is Camo! We wore Camo on the daily, and it was nothing to see someone heading to a family function still wearing their full hunting attire. I never hunted growing up. I didn’t begin hunting on my own until my early 30’s. Finding quality Camo was really difficult at the time and I remember frequently having to borrow my husband’s extra jacket and hat to go out with him.

I remember thinking how muted and dreary Camo was. Hunting the fall and winter seasons in the South for whitetail includes a pretty murky blend of brown, gray and maybe a few smudges of tan. I remember wanting so much more from my Camo, but I just couldn’t find what I thought was aesthetically pleasing as well as dead on effective in the outdoors.

Leslye wearing her so-called "Dreary Camo"

You then have to imagine the bitter humid cold that rakes the area. I recall once being up in a Lock On stand dangling 25 feet high in a tree when a shockingly cold and windy storm rolled in. I thought I had enough layers, element barriers and insulation but I was so very wrong. I got so cold and stiff I could barely climb down on my own. It seemed my hodge-podge of pieces just weren’t enough. The next time I went out to hunt, I carried the comforter off of my bed from the camper trailer to burrito myself into. Of course, that was the one time that a big doe stepped out and busted me trying to unwrap myself from said bedspread burrito. Not a win for me, but if you can imagine getting attitude from a deer then that was the day. I swear that doe cocked her eyebrows at me as if telling me “I don’t think so.”

As soon as Kryptek revealed the Obskura Skyfall pattern, I knew the abilities of the Camo pattern were incredible with application of shading, break up of shapes and figure ground, as well as top notch fabrics with unparalleled capabilities so I never had to bedspread burrito again. There is now ONE pattern to rule them all in the whitetail world…

Whitetail areas can vary dramatically, but the color variations fall exactly inline with the Skyfall combinations. Early season heat can easily be handled with the Vallhalla collection. Mid season is cake with the Dalibor pieces. My absolute go-to anytime cold threatens is Vellus. Vellus pieces are 100% windproof, 100% waterproof, super quiet and extremely comfortable.

Leslye, now in Kryptek Skyfall

I have an all lady whitetail hunt planned for this October, 2022. My bag will be packed full of Skyfall pieces. I have no problem using excellent technology of pattern mapping, strategic pockets and accessory items, along with super quiet and durable materials to my advantage. My Camo will now do its job without a doubt. The deer will not fear me because they will never see me. I just have to do my job well and make sure that I am AWAKE and not fidgeting when the moment comes.

Happy hunting!

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