Kryptek Celebrates 'National Hunting and Fishing Day'

Kryptek Celebrates 'National Hunting and Fishing Day'

Kryptek Co-founders joined Idaho Governor, Brad Little, to celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day at a sporting clay shoot late last month.

The event, hosted by the Idaho Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus and Idaho Sportsmen, and sponsored by Kryptek, honored Little's and other political figures' proclamation of the holiday. Celebrated annually, National Hunting and Fishing Day recognizes the importance of hunting, fishing and target shooting, and how the traditions contribute to conservation. 

According to Governor Little, last year alone, Idaho Sportsmen and women generated $60.6 million to support conservation efforts conducted by Idaho Fish and Game. In the proclamation, it's noted that "Idaho's 534,000 hunters and anglers support the state's economy through spending more than $1.02 billion while engaged in their pursuits." Additionally, other annual benefits of Idaho sportsmen and women's dollars support more than 15,000 jobs and generate $97 million in state and local taxes. 

Governor Little was not the only political figure to recognize National Hunting and Fishing Day. President Biden signed his proclamation of the holiday alongside 43 other state governors. 

"From the earliest days of our Nation, hunting and fishing have instilled respect for our long-cherished natural resources and American ethic of conservation,” noted the presidential proclamation. “Passed on through generations, these beloved pastimes bring families, friends and neighbors together to bond in the spirit of sportsmanship, cultivate respect for our lands, waters, and wildlife, and provide peaceful sanctuary amid our Nation’s natural wonders.

The majestic public lands and waters of our country—and our responsibility to serve as good stewards of the natural resources we have been blessed with—are even more appreciated by those who took to the great outdoors as an outlet during the pandemic,” stated the proclamation, reflecting on the influx of patrons to the outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We will continue to rely on America’s sportswomen and men to pass on their love and respect for our lands, waters and wildlife to our children and grandchildren.”

National Hunting and Fishing Day has a long history in America. 2021 is the 50th celebration of the holiday, first set in motion by Congress in 1971. 

Kryptek is proud to stand alongside our Nation's leaders, honoring the important contributions outdoors men and women make across the country, ensuring the outdoors and wildlife will continue to thrive for generations to come while honoring the traditions our country, our business and our families are built upon.

Kryptek Co-Founders Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn (far right) stand with Idaho Governor Brad Little (center) during a sporting clay shoot honoring National Hunting and Fishing Day.

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