Kryptek Brings Comfort and Style to Face Masks

Kryptek Brings Comfort and Style to Face Masks

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It’s hard to talk about Camo designs without mentioning the design work from the talented group at Kryptek. In fact you might remember that CarbonTV partnered with them to bring you the truck giveaway last year. The Invictus truck truly turned out to be a rugged beast Chevrolet truck with the wrap added on. So it’s not surprising that Kryptek would answer the call with the latest safety trend with a series featuring their take on face masks.

Wearing a mask while in public is being mandated by a number states, leaving many unsure how to comply safely. After my own frustrations with failed paper masks or tshirt masks, I was skeptical that I’d find a face mask solution.

So I set out a few requirements that I would judge Kryptek’s offerings:

  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Breathability

So I tried out the Kryptek Courtesy, and Shield Lite face masks.


Right away I was impressed with the cloth the actual mask is made out of. It reminds me of a high quality sports shirt I would wear while going out for walks, or being outdoors. I will also admit, I’m not a camo guy, but in person I was impressed with these designs. My actual thoughts were, “These are badass!”. Style was not a part of my original criteria for rating them, but if it was, it would surely knock that out of the park.

I also like the fact that these were designed, and made right here in the U.S.A.


I’ve been hunkered down, and fortunate during this whole situation as I work from home. So for the field testing had to be both working outdoors and indoors. I decided both had to be tested for at least at least an hour and temperates of above 85 degrees. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Farmers market: walking around outdoors.
  • Office visits: massage, haircuts, and grocery shopping.


The Courtesy mask differs from the Shield Lite with the fact that there is an internal filter that offers 98% coverage with respect to bacterial and particle filtration. The replaceable and washable filters come in a 5 pack for $9.99 if you want more than the one is included.

The Shield Lite is built for comfort that stretches and moves with you. Even tightening was easier with the Shield Lite, as it offered adjustable straps.


One thing I appreciate about Kryptek offerings is they offer larger sizes for Men. This is useful for those of us that enjoy growing and maintaining a beard. Both offered snug fits, but not so tight it was going to leave a mark.

Both of these masks fit great, with the Shield Lite edging out the Courtesy simply due to the adjustable straps.


Right off the bat the Shield Lite offer the most comfort with the light fabric. Just note that this comfort was at the cost of filtering that the Courtesy mask offers. The masks performed great in all situations with the Courtesy mask providing filtration in indoor situations, especially laying flat on a table during a massage appointment.


Of the three criteria this may be the most controversial. The Shield Lite is going to perform well just due to the simple single layer of cloth versus the filtration system of the other. I did try the Courtesy mask without the filter, and overall if I was just going to wear it outdoors, I preferred the Shield Lite.


Overall these masks are great. They accomplish multiple things, and I recommend both sets of masks to accomplish different tasks. For indoor things, I’m going to use the Courtesy masks, but for outdoor activities the Shield Lite is the way to go. I would also recommend a pack of extra filters so you’re never without a clean one. For less than $50 you can a set of masks that will meet local mandates, and offer freedom to get life back to normal.

Are you going to wear a mask if mandated to? Have you found yourself not willing to go to some places if masks are required?

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