Kryptek partners with Eastmans’ to become exclusive clothing outfitter.

Kryptek partners with Eastmans’ to become exclusive clothing outfitter.

Kryptek Outdoor Group is excited to partner with Eastmans’ as they announce their partnership as the exclusive clothing outfitter of the iconic Western Hunting media source.

Kryptek apparel and gear will now be found throughout Eastmans’ print and digital publications, including “Eastmans’ Hunting Journal” and “Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal,” where readers can find regular updates on new Kryptek apparel, Kryptek gear guides and Kryptek gear reviews. Kryptek is now the exclusive clothing of Eastmans' Hunting TV, the Beyond The Grid online series, Eastmans' Elevated and Eastmans' Predator Pros podcasts.

The Eastmans’ pioneered the ability for Western Hunters to share their stories and find resources to become better outdoorsmen. This legacy is more powerful than ever with their family of modern media platforms . Born on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and now headquartered in the heart of the western United States, outfitting the Eastmans’ crew in Kryptek Camo makes perfect sense as the two organizations share a passion for fair-chase trophy hunting and the vital role these values play in protecting, preserving and pushing forward the American hunting heritage.

“Kryptek is extremely excited to be partnered with Eastmans’ Hunting Journals!” said Kryptek CEO, Butch Whiting. “Their family legacy has been extremely critical in establishing the foundation of the American hunting culture as we know it today, and their mentality, philosophies, and authenticity will ensure these cherished traditions are honored for generations to come. The Kryptek brand nests extremely well with Eastmans’, and visa-versa!”

Outdoor enthusiasts can now show their support for the values of preserving western big game hunting by sporting or purchasing their own Kryptek gear or subscribing to Eastmans’ many publications. Kryptek is also the exclusive apparel provider for Eastmans’ Gift Subscription program where gifting three subscriptions of Eastmans’ publications unlocks a free, exclusive piece of Eastmans’ branded Kryptek apparel.

"Kryptek and Eastmans' align so well in our passions for western big game hunting and the protection of our Constitutional rights," said Ike Eastman, President of Eastmans' Publishing, Inc. "The Eastman family has known the Kryptek founders, Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn, for years and we couldn't be more excited to forge this partnership, further building both brands and working together to protect our hunting heritage and 2A rights as Americans. We are excited to be wearing their top notch line of gear and help in new product development!”

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