Asia Integrity Enterprise Announced as Kryptek Asia

Asia Integrity Enterprise Announced as Kryptek Asia

In an effort to combat counterfeit products, Kryptek formally announces Asia Integrity Enterprise L.T.D as their official distribution partner for the entire continent of Asia.

The new strategic partnership comes after a domestic factory relationship introduced Kryptek to Asia Integrity in late 2018.

With over 15 identified counterfeit manufacturers producing pirated products in Asia alone, Asia Integrity and its partners have naturally become the trusted source for obtaining legal, authentic, sanctioned Kryptek products.

Kryptek reminds consumers purchasing items or products in Asia from any entity other than Asia Integrity and its partners, that those items are not legitimate Kryptek merchandise and are most likely fake products coming from an unauthorized dealer. Besides Asia Integrity, the only other way to obtain authentic Kryptek products is through authorized Kryptek international dealers or online from Kryptek’s website.

Kryptek acknowledges and thanks Asia Integrity and its partners for their honest and hardworking efforts on behalf of the company.

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