The Impact of Hunting on Education in Pakistan

The Impact of Hunting on Education in Pakistan

Hushe, Pakistan - one of the world's most remote villages at just under 800 residents, located in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains.

Local agriculture feeds Hushe's people, but it's the big game hunts located near the village that provide the funding necessary to feed the minds of Hushe's school children. Here, 80% of the revenue generated from hunting goes toward education, and Matt Ward was blessed enough to see his dollars at work first-hand.

"The awe inspiring Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan set the stage for one of the most incredible experiences of my lifetime," says Matt. "While I set out into the mountains after the majestic ibex, it was the children I met in the local village that stole my heart. 80% of the revenue from my hunt directly impacted these remarkable children. The chief of the village used the funds to further their education and healthcare. It was a privilege to bring much needed school supplies to the local school and very encouraging to see the young girls in the village receiving a education. On this day, it wasn’t about the hunt, the excitement of the chase, or about me. It was about making a positive impact on the village that will last a lifetime. I am a hunter at heart but my true calling is to make a positive difference in this world. To know that through the sport of hunting, I can affect change and aid in the education of the next generation."

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