Ibex Hunt Turns into American Rescue Mission

Ibex Hunt Turns into American Rescue Mission

Kevin Holland is arguably one of the most epic and badass men on the planet. 

Not only is Kevin one of the longest serving members on Kryptek's Legion team as well as a director of Kryptek's research and development, he is also the only American to be on Delta Force and Seal Team 6. 

After separating from the Team, Kevin became a wildlife officer - until the events of September 11, 2001 prompted him to go back to the military. Kevin joined the National Guard to re-enlist in the Military so he could try out for the Army Special Mission Unit, an American version of the British SAS. 126 other candidates showed up and by the end, only 16 - including Kevin - had made it. 

Kevin was a part of Operation "Red Dawn," the successful mission to capture Saddam Hussein. 

He took a bullet he thought would end his life in a scene straight out of a movie. 

And most recently, Kevin was Ibex hunting when he received a call from former military friends to help rescue American citizens stranded in Afghanistan. 

When Kevin Holland sees an opportunity to help, he takes it. 

We couldn't be more honored that Kevin sat down with us to tell his incredible stories. Listen to a true American Hero recount his role in pivotal moments of American History. 

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