The Hunt for a Non-Typical Oryx

The Hunt for a Non-Typical Oryx

The quest for a free-range oryx in one of the largest ranches in New Mexico yields a unique old bull.

Matt Ward has traveled to the most remote corners of the planet, in pursuit of his passion for fair chase big game hunting, trophy hunting, and conservation. Many are unaware of the vital role a trophy hunter plays in game management and conservation. When game has value, it's protected and its habitat preserved. Hunters bring vital resources to many parts of the world that help the local communities which in turn, protects the local wildlife from poaching. Hunting is an ancient sport that has become a valuable tool of conservation.

Join Matt on this remarkable quest. The quest of a big game hunter around the globe, exploring the incredible lands and the amazing animals that inhabit them. Experience the thrill of free-range rifle hunting for the big 5, the most difficult mountain animals, and the most unique species around the world.

In the heart of a hunter lies compassion, courage, and honor.

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