Groove Life Releases Brand New Ring in Kryptek Diablo

Groove Life Releases Brand New Ring in Kryptek Diablo

Kryptek Diablo Available in Brand New Engraved Ring from Groove Life

The best-selling Kryptek rings from Groove Life just got a facelift. Kryptek camouflage takes on a new dimension with Groove’s brand new, limited edition 3D Diablo Ring, custom engraved and hand painted at Groove’s headquarters in Tennessee.

Rather than a printed pattern, Kryptek Camo is engraved into the ring, creating a high-quality look and textured feel. Similar to Groove Life’s existing collection of Kryptek rings, the 3D Diablo ring is made of durable silicone and comes with Groove’s 94-year warranty.

The new Kryptek 3D Diablo Ring from Groove Life

Kryptek’s Diablo pattern is a unique red color variation of the company’s legacy camouflage patterns.

Groove Life offers a wide selection of Kryptek products including multiple color ways in Kryptek Camo rings, watch bands, and belts.

For interest in licensing Kryptek patterns, please contact Jeff Graham

About GrooveLife: Founder Peter Goodwin wanted to wear a ring that showed his commitment to his family while meeting the demands of his work as an Alaskan guide and wilderness lodge owner. Groove Life launched in 2016 with the release of their flagship product, the Groove Ring, through a successful Kickstarter campaign. His creation not only offers durability and functionality, but rugged good looks, as well. The company has since moved its headquarters to Tennessee and now offers other products including the first truly breathable watch band and the Groove Belt. By leveraging over-the-top customer service and creative digital marketing, he has grown the company to eight figures and 160 employees since January 2018. Offering silicone rings, watch bands, and the Groove Belt, Groove Life is one of the fastest growing companies in the Outdoor/Active Lifestyle accessory market.

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