Greenland Muskox

Greenland Muskox

Photos by: Ivan Carter

Ivan Carter sent us these photos from a recent Muskox hunt on the southern coast of Greenland. 

Ivan told us the Muskox were transplanted to Greenland as a potential food source for native people and to help the local economy. A limited number of Muskox are taken by hunters each fall and the meat stays within the local community. Hunter dollars as well as the meat the Muskox provide is an important part of the economy in this region and also an important conservation play when it comes to expanding the Muskox range. Given that Muskox need very specific habitat, this is a huge win for the species.

Obviously, the adventure, the scenery, the icebergs and the hunting was fantastic. Enjoy the photo collage from the hunt. As Ivan always says, “More wildlife in healthier ecosystems.”

And they're off!
Beautiful country in Greenland.
Kryptek Highlander doing its job.
Back to the boat.
An unusual sight on a hunt.
Only in Greenland - Iceberg selfie.
All the more reason to stay warm and dry with Kryptek.
Muskox sighting.
But first - more icebergs.
Back on land and ready to stalk.
Glassing for muskox.
Muskox down.
Success in Greenland.
A hunt to remember.

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