Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Isn't Free

Kryptek’s Janna Waller announces the 2022 season of Skull Bound Chronicles will be focused on veterans and the healing power of outdoor adventure.

Right now, in this crazy culture we are all living in, I feel our country needs to be reminded that freedom is not free. That’s why I’m so excited to announce Skull Bound Chronicles has put together 12 of the best veteran stories and hunts we've captured from the past decade and put them all into one incredible season for 2022. Skull Bound 'Veteran Chronicles' will release monthly episodes that feature some of our country’s finest heroes on hunts of a lifetime. While I’ve been blessed to be on some amazing hunts of my own over the past 30 years of big game hunting, the moments I’ve shared in the field with these combat veterans have been highlights of my life. To share the mountains with these men and women and listen to their stories of war makes me appreciate the sacrifices they’ve made and feel an even stronger love for this country we live in.

It all started with double amputee Navy SEAL Bo Reichenbach. I met Bo at a fundraiser in Missoula, Montana where they were raising money to help him build a new home. Bo, a fellow Montanan, was wounded in 2012 while on patrol in Afghanistan. He lost both legs above the knee after stepping on an IED (improvised explosive device) roadside plate. After chatting with Bo at the fundraiser,  I asked him if he’d like to go on an elk hunt and without skipping a beat he answered, "Hell yeah!” After months of planning, we met up with Bo and his father Don at Northern Rockies Outfitters in Cascade, Montana where Bo spent eight days climbing the Montana mountains in hopes of notching his first elk tag. One of the special factors of this hunt, along with Bo's warrior spirit, was this hunt would be Bo and his Dad’s first hunt together. It was such an amazing experience for everyone involved that I vowed to do more hunts with combat veterans. 

Mother Nature is incredibly healing for these heroes and their stories need to be shared. Season 4 of Skull Bound Chronicles not only features amazing elk, bear and turkey hunts, but each episode shares the veteran’s stories of strength and perseverance. From Medal of Honor Recipient, Clint Romesha’s story of Red Platoon, to Mark ‘Oz’ Geist’s recap of “13 Hours, The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi,” these are pieces of our country’s history that need to be heard. 

It’s such an honor to get the opportunity to share the mountain or campfires with these incredible warriors. When we can all better understand the sacrifices our military men and women make, we are left with a deeper sense of patriotism and love for our country. In this all veteran season of Skull Bound Chronicles, I've included two hunts that feature women who have served. Although women in the military aren’t typically involved in combat, I think it’s important to feature their stories of war and deployment. Shelby Hatch, an Air Force Surgical Flight Chief, served multiple deployments in Afghanistan, Peru and Iraq where she had the extremely distressing job of cataloguing body bags. It’s important for all of us to understand that many roles in the military still come with witnessing the atrocities of war and the loneliness that are heavy and challenging. 

I’ve had the pleasure of hunting with many heroic veterans over the years. To be able to share their military stories mixed in with an exciting hunt is powerful and it’s been an honor to be there by their side as they notch their tags. I couldn’t be more excited to release Skull Bound Veteran Chronicles this month on CarbonTV. CarbonTV is free for all to watch on the CarbonTV app, online or on your tv through ROKU, Firestick or Airplay.

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