Eastmans' Valhalla Shirts Review

Eastmans' Valhalla Shirts Review

Valhalla - the hall where the god Odin houses the dead whom he deems worthy of dwelling with him.

The past couple of seasons I've gotten to put the Valhalla shirts from Kryptek through their paces across a wide range of conditions on a variety of hunts, and I can say without a doubt that this shirt is worthy of a place at Odin's table. 

The Valhalla Short Sleeve, pictured here in Obskura Transitional.

From sweltering August pronghorn hunts to chilly mornings grinding up steep slopes chasing archery elk, this shirt performed flawlessly. It kept me cool and protected from the sun on the arid plains and dry in the mountains after working up a sweat. I was amazed how well the Valhalla breathed and how effectively it wicked moisture; it was almost as if the sweat was evaporating directly off my skin instead of through the 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex fabric of the shirt. 

I've also pushed the Valhalla collection into the late season. I used it as a base layer under a puffy vest and soft-shell. I love how even in below freezing temps I could strip down to just the shirt and grunt my way up a ridge to a glassing point where I simply shrugged into the warmer layers and didn't have to worry about my base-layer trapping moisture against my skin and robbing me of core warmth. 

The Valhalla 1/2 Zip, pictured here in Obskura Transitional

The Kryptek Valhalla shirts are a staple in my clothing arsenal and are the shirts I reach for when I'm unsure of just which one to wear. I can be sure that it will keep me concealed with the Highlander or Obskura Transitional pattern and deliver top-tier performance for as long as I'm wearing it whether that be fora. quick evening jaunt or a multi-day backcountry assault; it's got my back, literally. 

Starting at just for $69.99 for the short sleeve and also offered in a long sleeve crew neck and a half-zip option, all Valhalla shirts are offered in Kryptek Camo patterns Highlander and Obskura Transitional. There's sure to be a Valhalla shirt that'll tickle your fancy.  

The Valhalla Long Sleeve, pictured here in Highlander
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