Back and Better Than Ever - Dalibor III Review

Back and Better Than Ever - Dalibor III Review

Written by: Jared Bloomgren

Early season remains one of my favorite times of year to hunt. 

Generally, it’s the warmest part of the hunting season but clothing demands are no less critical than they are in the colder, later season. Temperature regulation, comfort and ease of movement are always important components of the hunt. Let’s take a look at the Dalibor line I use during September and early October hunts. 

Kryptek first came out with the Dalibor collection several years ago. This early to mid-season lightweight system has become a favorite of many as it does very well in numerous conditions and styles of hunting.

Kryptek's versatile Dalibor Collection

The Dalibor Jacket and Pants are in their third generation with minor and subtle improvements. Kryptek since added the Dalibor Vest and Gloves to the collection as well. This synthetic kit is 87% polyester and 13% spandex with the famous Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish on its exterior. That doesn’t mean it is waterproof but it dang near is in misty conditions, dense fog and light downfalls. If you rely on this as your rain gear you will be left wet at the end of the day in downpours as DWR finishes are not geared towards these conditions.

The popular Camo pattern for this series is Highlander but it’s also offered in Mandrake, a color scheme that is more green than brown, and Obskura Transitional, Kryptek's newest Camo pattern featuring tiger striping. You can order the jacket and vest in those Camo patterns or also in solid Khaki or Dark Charcoal. Don’t forget, for the ladies they offer a women’s cut in the Dalibor Collection as well. A solid review of a few of the women’s Kryptek gear items can be found here

The Dalibor Jacket in Khaki

All garments in the Dalibor line were tested in the Alaskan backcountry for over two years before they rolled out onto the production line. In my mind, if they didn’t perform there, they would not be part of the Kryptek lineup. The test bed many of Kryptek’s garments go through is unlike any other.


As a bowhunter, I like clothing that fits well and allows me freedom of movement - the Dalibor kit does just that. Its athletic cut and stretch properties make it comfortable and conform to all movements. The Jacket includes pit zips that work well for ventilation if you start to get heated. Depending on the position of the zippers, often it takes two hands to operate and can be a pain but not a showstopper. Pockets of the jacket and pants are in good locations and offer many options. The military styling and pockets never leave you wishing you had more versatility for storage.

I am not a fan of hoods on jackets, but this hood does a good job when the time comes for needing one. The cut doesn’t hinder my view nor become an uncomfortable burden when used. This jacket actually changed my mind about zippers and I have found how useful they can be. With that in mind I wonder if a removable hood would be a good option for this jacket in the future?

The Dalibor Jacket features an attached hood with a 3-point adjustment.


The Dalibor series does great in the early morning dew or after a rainfall as the finish keeps you from getting soaked completely through and does dry out fast. But remember, it is not rain gear. The DWR finish does a good job but doesn’t last forever. This kit is also not windproof but is wind resistant. In cooler temps with wind, you will want to ensure that you are layering underneath as the wind does get through and can chill you quite fast.

I think the ideal conditions for the Dalibor series are temps between 40-60 (F). With good layering and depending on physical activity, the Dalibor can be effective in temps dropping to the low 30s F. It has performed well for me in the backcountry and on the open prairie. It remains in my arsenal and definitely has earned its place. Underneath the jacket, I always wear the Dalibor vest which, paired with under layers is worn for most of the day with varying temps.

The Dalibor remains a favorite for many in the early to mid-season and it does a great job in all areas of the globe with various types of terrain and weather conditions. Early to mid-season remains my favorite time of year to hunt and I demand the most from my gear. Dalibor has done great for me. It does show wear but that is to be expected with the amount of abuse I put it through. There are no seam fails, rips or tears in my gear after multiple seasons.

Dalibor performs no matter the conditions.


Sizing for me has been great, at 5’6” and 175lbs, the large jackets and vests, medium under layer and 30-32 regular pants fit me great.  It is hard to go places to find the gear to try on before buying as Kryptek is selective on which retail stores sell their product. This can be both a downfall and advantage, but they will ensure that you get what you need if you are not satisfied. It will only get better for the end user!

Keep on the lookout for upcoming new gear from Kryptek to make its debut. Also don’t miss out on the sales events with Kryptek for some great opportunities! 

Dalibor Obskura performing in cool conditions.

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