Bora Series

Bora Series

The Bora Series is a highly water-resistant, fleece-lined soft-shell system perfect for mid season hunts in cool to cold conditions. 

Comprised of a jacket, pant, vest and overmit, each piece in the Bora Series is built with Schoeller® C-Change™ technology, a polymer structured fabric that actively expands and contracts based on your activity levels. During periods of high activity, the fabric expands to release extra heat while low activity levels cause the fabric to contract in order to keep heat in, ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the day. 

The Schoeller C-Change™ technology effectively stores or dumps heat based on your activity levels. 

Treated with Schoeller's® NanoSphere®, the Bora series is highly-water resistant, highly wash and abrasion resistant and simultaneously repels oil and dirt. 

Complete with unique components like YKK® Aquaguard® Vislon® waterproof zippers and Cohaesive™ cord locks, the Bora Series ensures you'll stay on the mountain longer, no matter what. 

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