Best Buck Mule Deer Contest Presented by Rokslide

Best Buck Mule Deer Contest Presented by Rokslide

Our friends over at Rokslide are at it again. 

With such great participation over the last five years, Rockslide is featuring another, “Best Buck Mule Deer” photo contest. The contest is open from now until December 10th, 2021.

Kryptek added to the prize package by giving away a $750 Gift Certificate to the winner. How sweet is that for you mule deer hunters?

The second place winner will receive signed copy of Robby Denning’s book, “Hunting Big Mule Deer: How to Take the Best Buck of Your Life.”

REMEMBER: this isn’t a biggest buck photo contest. This is a contest that judges the best overall photo. Not necessarily to biggest set of antlers. There are many factors to consider if you want to win. Here are a few photo suggestions and criteria for the Rockslide contest:

Wow Factor: 

Does your photo grab the viewers’ attention? Is there a “wow” factor in your photo’s clarity, lighting, color, uniqueness and of course, the deer?


This is a critical component of a great photo. Here a few questions you should ask yourself in determining if you photo is top notch.

  • How are the figures in your photo arranged?
  • Is there too much background or too little?
  • Is enough of the animal showing?
  • Are all antler tips visible to the viewer?
  • Is there too much blood visible?
  • Is the hunter visible in the picture?
  • Is there good balance between hunter, buck, and background? Note: a hunter is not required in the photo.

Watch for a future blog article from Kryptek Legion member Jared Bloomgren that addresses all the things you need to keep in mind to take quality trophy photos.

Size of animal: 

The biggest buck may not win this contest. Some past winners have been young hunters with smaller bucks. You just never know. That said, the size of the buck may serve as a tie breaker in the contest.

Current Photo:

Your submission MUST be a photo of a buck harvested in 2021. You will likely be required to prove the date of harvest, so keep that in mind.


There are also a couple contest prerequisites to keep in mind. First, this contest is only open to members of If you’re not a member, become one before you submit a photo entry. Second, only one (1) photo can be submitted for each buck taken in 2021. If you lucky enough to take multiple bucks during the year, you can enter once for each of them.


By posting on the Rokslide thread, you give Rokslide and Kryptek permission to use your photo as promotional material, at any time in the future, without compensation.

Any international winner will be responsible for additional border taxes, custom fees, excessive postage fees, etc. At the end of the day, use your camera to give that animal the credit it deserves. Great photos will last you a lifetime. Good luck and shoot straight with your rifle or bow and especially your camera.

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