Kryptek Altitude Pattern Now Available in Water Transfer Print Exclusively Through TWN Industries

Kryptek Altitude Pattern Now Available in Water Transfer Print Exclusively Through TWN Industries

Since 2012, TWN has been trusted as Kryptek’s exclusive water transfer printing retailer, and now TWN adds Kryptek Altitude to its collection of Kryptek patterns.

The highly sought after Altitude pattern is currently available in 3-meter and 15-meter accessory packs offered in reduced scale (WTP-876) and full scale (WTP-1010).

The Altitude collection is Kryptek’s premier pattern, designed with the same macro and micro-pattern as the rest of Kryptek’s family of Camouflage. Although designed with the alpine environment in mind, the Altitude pattern effectively breaks-up and conceals in deciduous forest regions from North America to the Mopane Forest in Africa. The highly technical collection has proved itself in the most austere environments around the globe and is now available for your firearms, bows and other accessories.

TWN’s mission aligns directly with Kryptek’s: designing innovating technological solutions in effective patterns that rise above industry standards while maintaining an unwavering dedication to providing reliable, durable, top-of-the-line products to the end user.

During the last eight years of partnership, TWN’s Kryptek offerings have expanded to 19 different patterns including Kryptek’s newest pattern family Obskura.

About TWN Industries:

TWN provides Water Transfer Printing equipment, training, and supplies to manufacturers who wish to customize their products.We can help you integrate Water Transfer Printing technology into your existing production line or find a TWN Certified Processor who can provide decorating services. Our surface coating process will help you differentiate your products and give your company a competitive edge in today’s market. To purchase Water Transfer Printing film or find a processor to dip your gear in Kryptek, please contact TWN at or call us at 305-258-9622.

For interest in licensing Altitude for manufacturers, please contact Jeff Graham

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