AllTerra Arms Releases Limited Edition Obskura Nox Rifle

AllTerra Arms Releases Limited Edition Obskura Nox Rifle

AllTerra Arms, manufacturer of precision bolt-action rifles with exclusive patented technology, has added a new model to their lineup – the Obskura Nox.

The Idaho-based gunmaker collaborated with camouflage innovator Kryptek and optics legend Leupold to create a truly unique, high-performance package. According to AllTerra Arms' Chief Marketing Officer Mike Schwiebert, "This sharp-looking, sharp-shooting rifle is built from our lightweight, best-selling Mountain Shadow platform that weighs in at under 6 pounds."

The rifle's exclusive Carbon Hunter stock sports the new Kryptek Obskura Nox pattern. It comes pre-mounted and sighted in with a Leupold VX-6HD 3-18x44mm CDS-ZL2 scope featuring a ¼ MOA dial system and illuminated T-MOA reticle. The match-grade 22" barrel is spiral-fluted to shave weight and dissipate heat without affecting AllTerra's guaranteed accuracy. Flat "Dark Earth" Cerakote accents and a custom-engraved floorplate add to the Obskura Nox's distinct look.

The brand new, limited edition AllTerra Arms Obskura Nox Rifle

"If you set this rifle down in the field for any reason, remember where you put it - otherwise it will be difficult to find. And since we're only building 14 of these limited-edition beauties, it'll be tough to get your hands on a replacement," says Schwiebert.

Like every AllTerra Arms rifle, the Obskura Nox features a patented receiver that’s built to .0005” tolerances to the exact concentric center of the rifle. AllTerra founder Drew Foster explains, “Our technology, combined with our patented Dual-Lock Barrel Seat™, creates a dead-straight line through the center of the receiver, chamber, barrel and bore.”

The resulting harmonics minimize bullet yaw for maximum long-range accuracy, guaranteed. Those same harmonics also give shooters the freedom to feed the rifle a variety of different cartridge loads with minimal changes in accuracy.

AllTerra Arms designs relaxed tolerances between the bolt and receiver for No-Fail Cycling™ when working the action. Patented conical lugs engage and lock into a unique elliptical raceway, so the surfaces literally “self-clean” with every cycle. “We send debris out of harm’s way when operating the bolt, so it can’t jam up the gun,” says Foster.

The Obskura Nox comes standard with AllTerra Arms’ performance guarantee that promises sub-1/2” 3-shot groups with premium factory ammo; sub-1/4” 3-shot groups with custom AllTerra Arms ammunition; no significant change in accuracy when shooting different bullet weights; and it will never fail to cycle smoothly in all conditions.

Only 14 Obskura Nox rifles will be made in the customers' choice of calibers that include 6.5 PRC, Premium 28 Nosler and 300 PRC. MSRP is $7,745.

The Obskura Nox Rifle is a limited edition, AllTerra only made 14, get yours today!

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