Bloomgren Reviews Aegis Extreme Cold Weather Gear

Bloomgren Reviews Aegis Extreme Cold Weather Gear

Review and photos by Jared Bloomgren

When Mother Nature throws everything at you, what clothing do you need to keep you warm and dry? 

Where do you turn? What options are out there? Much of the warmest gear available is big and bulky, making movement difficult and shooting a bow nearly impossible at times. Bulky clothing can also cause a shooter issues when shouldering a rifle. I remember when I missed a huge mule deer during the late season when the string on my bow hit the sleeve on my bulky coat. With today’s advances in technical clothing, those problems are a thing of the past. Kryptek is one such company that offers the benefits of a highly advanced technical line of hunting clothing, tested for years on rigorous hunts and in combat well before hitting the market for consumers to purchase. Something that no other company can or does do.

The Aegis Extreme Cold Weather System

The warmest of the Kryptek line is the Aegis series. The series consists of a bib and a jacket that offer all the features you want in cold weather clothing. These pieces are breathable, wind and waterproof, and include 100 grams per yard of Primaloft insulation. The neat thing about this kit is all the features of the Kryptek layering system are built into singular garments, all while keeping the bulk down. 

Aegis Jacket

There have been a couple different versions of the Aegis series with modifications primarily focused on the finish of the material, upgrades to the suspenders and slight updates to the seam tape on the zippers. The early products material had a sheen to it that doesn’t work well on sunny days. It was also a bit noisier when brushing up against vegetation. The newest version is an updated, much quieter material that isn’t shiny and doesn’t cause a glare. The Aegis series continues to be ready to battle the harshest of conditions.

Aegis Bibs

The Aegis Bibs.

The Aegis bibs are held up by suspenders that are fully adjustable and removable with plenty of room for adjustment for whatever length you may need.

The Aegis Bibs are complete with a fully adjustable suspender system.

The zippers on the legs full zip the entire length of the bib, from the bottom hem to the side of your hip, making it easy to take on and off over boots if you are so inclined. The bibs feature a triple zipper system, allowing you to dump heat easily by creating a vent on either or both sides of the bibs. 

The Aegis Bibs' three way zipper system allows for enhanced breathability and easy-on, easy-off.

The pockets are conveniently located like all other Kryptek pieces, a feature inspired by the company's military design and heritage.

The Aegis system is plentiful with easily accessible pockets.


As stated previously in the article, I talked about the problems with bulky hunting clothing. That isn’t an issue with the Aegis series as it is quite slim fitting as compared to how darn warm they are! This kit has become my favorite tree stand and ground blind sitting kit by far when the temperatures drop out of the bottom of the thermostat. Don’t plan on walking into your setup with this kit on and expect to not get sweated up! I carry mine in a pack and put it on once I get to my destination if the walk is too long. The fabric is pretty quiet so sound hasn’t been an issue in even the quietest conditions. The cuffs on the sleeves and the cinch on the bottom of the jacket and pants are an added bonus that all cold weather clothing should have. It locks in heat and doesn’t let Old Man Winter steal it away. The hood does a great job of cinching down in the right places to help keep that heat in and the elements out, but is removable for those that prefer to not have one present.

Jared in a tree stand wearing the Aegis collection.
The Aegis Jacket's fully removable hood.

 There have been several late season hunts where Aegis gear kept me out there when other garments couldn’t have held up to the conditions. Aegis remains in my arsenal for the harshest weather hunts and I’m happy each time I have to use them. This kit has extended my hunting season several times when the late season rolls around, and Mother Nature takes a punch! I have never felt wind or moisture penetrate and it’s as durable as it comes. The comfort is top notch and range of motion isn’t hindered like with many heavy late season clothing. Articulation of all appendages remains unchanged and the slim fit is perfect! 

I absolutely love the Aegis gear and reserve it for temps below 0 degrees. I only pair it with merino base layers. Once late season rolls around, Aegis gear goes with me on every hunt when I am not on the move and either sitting in a stand or in a ground blind. When temps are nasty Aegis will always keep me comfortable. If there is snow, I use the over-whites also offered by Kryptek to keep me concealed. Don’t hesitate to look into this kit for your late season hunts!

A successful, cold weather coyote hunt wearing Aegis.
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