Kryptek Skyfall provides the ultimate silhouette distortion for the dedicated whitetail hunter. The combination of Kryptek’s trusted micro pattern with Obskura’s proven tiger-stripe technology makes Skyfall the most effective Camo in close-contact settings. When the leaves turn and the temperature drops, Skyfall's advanced blend of highlights and shadows delivers unprecedented concealment high in a stand, in a blind or on the stalk. Kryptek Skyfall takes on the appearance of the surrounding environment, limits visual acquisition and enhances your opportunity for success on every hunt!

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Windproof, Waterproof, Seam Sealed and highly breathable our laminated innovative fabric will change the way you think about fleece. With added Thinsulate Platinum XTS From 15 degrees to 50 degrees, you will be comfortable, dry and quiet like you never thought possible.


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Designed to be quiet and warm. The Njord collection is 100% windproof and highly water resistant. Built with Kryptek's specially bonded, super quiet brushed tricot with an extremely warm high pile fleece backer for extra warmth. With a 10/10 lamination between the two layers Vellus is guaranteed to keep you comfortable during the late season.


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Versatile, practical, and lightweight synthetic construction make the Dalibor one of our best active offerings. Designed to be layered according to the temperature and your exertion level, this collection is ideal for mild-to-cool conditions and was field tested for over two years in the Alaskan wilderness.


When the leaves turn and the temperature drops