Obskura Skyfall

Kryptek Skyfall provides the ultimate silhouette distortion for the dedicated whitetail hunter. The combination of Kryptek’s trusted micro pattern with Obskura’s proven tiger-stripe technology makes Skyfall the most effective Camo in close-contact settings. When the leaves turn and the temperature drops, Skyfall's advanced blend of highlights and shadows delivers unprecedented concealment high in a stand, in a blind or on the stalk. Kryptek Skyfall takes on the appearance of the surrounding environment, limits visual acquisition and enhances your opportunity for success on every hunt!

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Designed with Your Hunt in Mind

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What Our Customers Say


"Great product, a must have in wet conditions. Wore them in severe rain storms in the Norht coastal range in Oregon on a couple 7-14 mile day hikes for elk hunting and came out dry. I really liked how you only have to wear just a base layer because they keep legs dry and the triple layer helps with the warmth." -ROCKY B.

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Excellent Jacket

"The jacket is very comfortable. It does run about a half size small. I went up a size and it fits great. I was able to fit a sweat shirt under it. Wore it for the first time in a very wet snow storm. I stayed comfortable the entire day and was dry under the jacket. Great buy!" -Thomas L.

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My Favorite Piece of Gear!

"This is my go to at home and in the mountains. Combine this with the a merino base layer and a puffy and it is all you need" - Johnny M.

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Every late season whitetail hunter is in a constant search for a system that has that perfect balance of warmth while staying ultra quiet. We’ve taken our new Vellus fleece and added Thinsulate Platinum XTS Insulation to create one of the world’s most versatile garments. From 15 degrees to 50 degrees, you will be comfortable, dry, and ultra-quiet like you never thought possible. Our Vellus fleece has incredible stretch combined with a stretch lamination for the ultimate comfort, mobility and versatility. Plus adding scent control makes this one of the best garments on the market for whitetail hunters.


Pants Final


Hunting whitetail from a tree stand in the mid-season brings its own unique set of challenges. Sitting still for hours on end in frequently changing weather brings a need for a versatile layering system. However, just like late season, the same factors still apply, and a need to stay ultra quiet, while keeping temperature control, scent management, and comfort is a must. Our new Skyfall line brings an all around concealment from above, even in early to mid season.

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Where skyfall separates itself from any other whitetail centered pattern on the market is its versatility into other big game hunting. The skyfall pattern has been tested in a vast variety of different environments and seasons in the West and has proven itself time and time again. The unique makeup of the Skyfall pattern makes it perfect for a late season mule deer hunt, or even above the treeline on a sheep hunt.