Obskura Nox

Nox was generated in the wake of popularity of the Kryptek Typhon (Black) pattern, and prepotency of Typhon uniforms used by various LE and global Counter Terrorist units. A purely psychological pattern, Obskura NOX allows end-users to pair the functionality of Obskura Transitional uniforms with the consistency of retention of IFF.

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What Our Customers Say

Let It Rain!

"I do my research. Best price around on this Typhon Kryptek. Zeroed in and took the shot. Great gear, lightweight, packable and took a half a minute to roll up and find the perfect place in my gunbag. Thanx, can't wait to get caught in a downpour..." -Verne K.

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Love This Jacket!

"This is probably going to become my go to everyday Jacket as well as thrown in my packs for hunts the warmth to weight ratio is perfect and the new Obskura Nox looks great!" -Jordan K.

Nox - Eldax