Obskura Mahi Mahi

Designed to reflect the luminous colors of its namesake fish, perfect for the feeling like you're in the tropics no matter where you're casting your line.

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Get Hooked on Kryptek's Fishing Collection

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What Our Customers Say

Protection & Comfort

"At first I wasn’t sure how I would like the face mesh but after using it I have become to like it and the protection it offers. Very comfortable and offers all the protection needed to keep out of the sun’s harmful rays. Will keep me on the water longer!" - Jared

Mahi Mahi

Performance in the Most Extreme Environments

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Bamboo Technology

Quick drying, moisture-wicking, 20 – 40+ UPF treated and constructed with premium fabrics featuring the high quality benefits of Bamboo fibers, the new collection is comfortable and long-lasting for even the hottest days on the water. From the shoreline to the depths of any water way, get hooked on Kryptek’s new Fishing Collection no matter where you’re casting your line.

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Kryptek Dry & Cool Touch

Kryptek Dry uses a unique construction and yarn combination to evaporate moisture quickly from the surface of the fabric, improving dry time of the garment

Kryptek Cool Touch is a sophisticated technology activated by sweat. Once moisture is detected, the technology works to quickly wick away dampness while reducing fabric temperature to keep you cool and comfortable.