Obskura Grom

Obskura Grom provides next level concealment in winter conditions. After extensive testing from U.S. and Coalition Special Operations, Obskura Grom proved to be extremely useful in snowy environments where some vegetation was still exposed


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What Our Customers Say

Very Impressive!

The perfect winter camouflage. Blends in perfectly to the forested winter environments and can be worn over almost any other clothing, making it easy to change in and out of


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Transform in the field

True to Kryptek's battlefield to backcountry mindset, Kryptek's Wraith Overwhites are tactically inspired, the only Overwhites to be used simultaneously by both U.S. Navy and Army Special Warfare. Now available in Obskura Grom, the Overwhites are ultra-lightweight, highly water-resistant and come packaged with a jacket, pants and gaiters.