Behind the Brand

While serving together in the Ninewa Province in Northern Iraq, Kryptek founders Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting discovered they shared a common thread: an unprecedented passion and desire for extreme big game hunting, especially in austere environments. They shared a common mentality and philosophical attitude about the pursuit of big game. Their success on the battlefield was directly related to this mentality - the same principles applied. Skill sets necessary in combat are often applicable to the hunter. It is here that Whiting and Cleghorn began their journey toward what would result in Kryptek Outdoor Group.

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After multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Kryptek's founders agreed: the most effective passive concealment measure on the battlefield was camouflage netting. First used in combat during World War II, netting technology ultimately became the inspiration for the Kryptek family of camouflage patterns. 



The name Kryptek is a combination of two Greek words: Kryptos, meaning "hidden," and Technos, meaning "technologies." Simply put, Kryptek's purpose is reiterated in its name: hidden technologies. 

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From blockbuster films like Jurassic WorldFurious 7, and The Expendables 3, to top grossing video games like Call of Duty and Tom Clancy, Kryptek camouflage has proven its effectiveness both onscreen and off.