Above the tree-line, the air is thin and cover is sparse. Kryptek Altitude Camouflage allows you to close the gap and retake the high ground. Only available in our award-winning Altitude line, these collections combine highly technical fabric and components that are “wet-printed” in Germany. Designed for the harshest environments, the Altitude Line is the first of its kind, setting a benchmark for the new standard of hunting apparel.

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Designed with Your Hunt in Mind

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What Our Customers Say

Can't say enough about this jacket!

To say that I'm impressed with the material, weight and quality of the jacket is an understatement.

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The Perfect Shirt

Perfect for Montana cool weather bow season and early rifle season where temperatures can vary drastically.


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Quiet, durable, and shed water and snow very well.

Totally Worth the Money.


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Best Jacket I Have Ever Purchased

Worth every penny.


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Performance in the Most Extreme Environments


Hunting Above Treeline

The Altitude Pattern is ultimately designed for alpine environments where conditions are extreme, changing quickly and often. Windproof, waterproof, highly abrasion resistant, thermo-regulated and breathable fabrics result in a product that lasts longer, keeps you warmer, drier and allows you to stay on the mountain longer.

BEST Challenging Environments

Traversing in challenging environments

The Altitude Series is designed using the best fabrics, trims, components, and technology available. Altitude has been put to the test from Afghanistan to the Arctic Circle, and everything in between! This highly technical collection has proved itself in the most austere environments around the globe.

Better 4 Timber

Thick timber

The Altitude Camo pattern is the same macro and micro-pattern as the rest of Kryptek’s family of Camouflage. Although designed with the alpine environment in mind, the Altitude pattern effectively breaks-up and conceals in deciduous forest regions around the world from North America to the Mopane forest in Africa.

Why the New Price Point

"Kryptek listened to the pent-up demand for this prize-winning series. In 2019, Kryptek made a series of breakthroughs in eliminating unnecessary layers in the supply chain and distribution channels, and strengthened its superior-quality factory relationships. This allowed our company the ability to permanently reduce the Altitude series pricing by further eliminating third-party markups previously passed on to the end user. Kryptek hopes that all demanding hunters and backcountry enthusiasts who had aspired to the Altitude collection in the past, but were discouraged by the price, appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to finally wear the finest hunting gear system on the market."
-Butch Whiting, CEO/Co-Founder
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