In tests using laser-retinal tracking, subjects took longer to locate Kryptek than any other camo

Why Kryptek

Micro and Macro Layering Provide a 3-D Appearance

Unlike traditional stick and leaf camouflage, Kryptek’s design incorporates micro and macro layering inspired by artillery camouflage netting. This creates a 3D appearance on a 2D surface — and near-invisibility.

Customized for All Backcountry Scenarios

We took what we learned in the most hostile combat environments and combined that knowledge with proven tactical gear concepts, tested it with top military professionals and hunters, and then customized every aspect to perform in all potential backcountry scenarios.

Camo Detail

Rigorously Tested and Proven Effectiveness

The U.S. Department of Defense used laser-retinal-tracking to discover it took subjects longer to locate people wearing Kryptek camouflage than any other, proving that Kryptek camo is the most effective

Fade into your environment

Take advantage of any cover type for any hunting scenario. From chasing Big Horn Sheep or Mountain Goats in scree covered slopes using Altitude. Call elk in the dark timber using Mandrake. Match your environment and effectively disappear.