Kryptek + Black Rifle Coffee Co.

From the Battlefield to the Backcountry, one thing is a given: Coffee and Camo. America’s Coffee (BRCC) and America’s Camo (Kryptek) - common mentality and shared philosophies with unmatched authenticity and credibility. BRCC and Kryptek, it just makes perfect sense!   

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Battlefield to Backcountry

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The Founders

The Kryptek and Black Rifle brands share common DNA. The founders of both organizations spent obnoxious periods of time in third-world shit holes, fighting and winning our nations battles! Adventure driven and building on their experiences, each wen on to start their own companies. With this common thread, it was inevitable that an epic match up would result. 


The Partnership

An epic match up is exactly what has happened. In our opinion, it resulted in one of the sexiest coffee bags ever produced by BRCC. This thing is collectable, and someday promises to be worth way more money than other random coffee bags. Plus, it's damn good coffee. 


The Coffee

The Kryptek Battlefield to Backcountry (collectable) Edition of Black Rifle Coffee is a 100% Columbian medium roast, available in a 12oz ground bag and a 12oz whole bean bag. Black Rifle Coffee Co. says it best, this bag is just "one more thing to look forward to when you're up before dawn chasing your next adventure."